The Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Communities Directory was developed and established by Joe & Rose Rinehart who upon moving to Tuscarawas county in 2010, decided to contribute their Internet skills toward learning about and doing good for the communities of Tuscarawas county and the surrounding communities collectively known as the Tuscarawas Valley aka Tusky Valley.

Having developed KentOhio.Net with Ken McGregor of the Art Armory based on his visitors guide since 1996, we decided it'll be educational, fun and exciting to create a successful website and advertising based print media companion model for Tuscarawas county, Ohio. Our mission is to provide the most accurate information with integrated articles about our region's exciting history while promoting education and entertainment our local communities have to offer!

We've spent the past two years editing businesses, visiting festivals, fairs, and other events to include these type of highlights within our directory. We hope you enjoy our Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Communities Directory!

Best 'net regards,


Joe & Rose Rinehart, Publishers