We are pleased to offer our Tuscarawas Valley Communities Directory for public usage! Our database was developed by Joe Rinehart and his wife Rose to promote tourism in Tuscarawas county and the surrounding area. Joe has been involved with Internet marketing on the 'net several years before it was commercial. This is one of the several reasons why you should add your business or organization to our on-line communities directory.

There are a couple options to have your event listed with one being FREE and the other being fee based, which include:


FREE Based method;

1. Register an account with our website for the secretary or authorized representative or your organization or business.

2. Contact the webmaster via our contact form or email with the SUBJECT text "Organization Associate Request" and in the BODY of the message: "Please associate the registered "username" with the database listing for "XYZ organization".

3. Once approved, you'll see add entry at the top of the directory menu when you are logged into the web site. Once your account is associated to your business you'll be able to edit and manage your business listing.

4. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact Joe Rinehart.

Fee based method;

1. Visit the advertising category within our shopping cart and click an Business Listing ad. We charge $5.00 for a one time editing session. We'll try hard to get your add in within a 24 hour period, but please allow a reasonable period if you submit an business advertisement on a Friday evening ;)


Best 'net regards,


Joe Rinehart, Publisher

Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Communities Directory