I'm Joe Rinehart and moved to Bolivar, Ohio in October 2010. I was reared in the cemetery business at Ravenna, Ohio through most of my life. I left the family cemetery business in April of 1994 when I found myself completely by accident making money on the Internet before it was commercial and was funded by the National Science Institute. The accident was that single spin CD-ROM drives were invented and I sold a collection within 24 hours on the Internet. When I discovered that the only two wholesalers in America didn't sell overseas, well, as they say, the rest is history. I became the guy that authored the very first commercial URL or Internet address to be published in a computer magazine (Oct '93 through Oct '94 in Computer Shopper).

I went from selling CD-ROM discs to the educational environment on the Internet, to producing them in 1995, then after the Internet became commercial in March of 1995, I started a web publishing company which evolved into becoming an Internet Service Provider (ISP) known as config.com Internet services.

As the dial-up market migrated to DSL and cable broadband, I could only compete with the multi-billion dollar telephone and cable companies on a small scale using broadband wireless which I sold off in Nov 2006. In November of 2007, I had to lay myself off to keep the business I started (config.com) and become an Internet consultant to provide for my family. I don't mind discussing the humiliation of the valleys in my career, frankly, because I did enjoy a few peaks, and well, am still very proud I was able to make a difference in a few small capacities, for instance the Akron Public Schools Remote Digital Academy still uses my config.com Internet access services which has saved them as much as $40,000 annually and many of the MRIs at the various Medical Center's throughout Northeast Ohio also are transmitted through the network I designed.

I moved to Bolivar, Ohio in October 2010 to a home my mother owns at the intersection of State Route 212, the Ohio-Erie canal, The Lake Erie-Wheeling railroad, the Greene Ville Treaty Line, Western Union Telegraph lines, and even Road-Runner fiber optic cable. It is a rare intersection comprised of the complete history of America's communications and transportation industries.

Shortly upon my arrival to Bolivar, I started to learn about the history of my mothers property which lead to my further interest in the early American history of Fort Laurens and it's role both the Revolutionary War and the settling of Ohio.

From October of 2010 through July of 2011 I spent a lot of time reading and researching the Tuscarawas Valley Ohio region and found it fascinating. Frankly, I was dis-satisfied with many of the web sites in the region and their poor performance on search engines like Google, I decided that my skills and those of the contacts I've made through the years could be put to use developing this site toward the goal of making an economic contribution, and just maybe, I might create a new full-time job, as opposed to only working between my clients various projects ;)

There is much more to my professional career as an Internet Geek, and I invite you to visit my personal web site at JoeRinehart.com or business web site at config.com to learn more about me.

Best 'net regards,


Joe Rinehart, Search Engine Optimizer since the days of text based Gopher