We're pleased to present our new and improved calendar of events for the Tuscarawas (Tusky) Valley Ohio region at URL:

Tusky valley ohio events

Our licensed JEvents calendar software allows us to import or export iCal format and allow webcal (Calendar subscriptions). We may also implement CSV based importing of events. We've already imported all known available i

Cal calendars throughout the Tuscarawas (Tusky) Valley Ohio region which are also updated automatically daily. This allows us to offer the most complete one-stop calendar for events throughout the region!

While we are interested in freely importing calendars that may help as many people as possible, we also offer clubs and organizations the ability to publish their events which may include photographs, for a modest fee (3 events for $1.00). In fact, our calendar software has the ability to assist in on-line paid or free event registrations, and even offer reminders for event subscribers.


An example of an event with a photograph can be reviewed at URL: https://events.tuskyvalleyohio.com/calendar/greenville-peace-treaty/9/

Other calendar features include:

Fully search-able so you can find the topics that interest you instead of wading through hundreds of events!

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) available at URL:

Fully mobile compatible with a responsive design for Androids, iPhones, iPads, Notepads, PC's, etc....

Handicapped accessible features include alt & title tags.

HTTPS SSL/TLS certificate for your security and peace of mind.

Hit counter shows how many have viewed an event.

Events may be liked and shared on social media.

All events are automatically submitted to the Bing, Yahoo, & Google search engines!

We hope you enjoy benefiting from our improved calendar software!

Best 'net regards,

Joe Rinehart, developer & publisher

Tuscarawas (Tusky) Valley Ohio Communities Directory